Under certain circumstances, you can apply to extend your Study Permit to be allowed to keep studying in Canada. This article will go through all the eligibility requirements, but also through the application procedure.

If you have finished your study program, and have been accepted to another program, you can extend your current Study Permit. It is recommended, for ease of mind, to apply for the extension 3 to 4 months before the expiration of your current Study Permit. 

However, as long as your Study Permit is not expired, you can still apply for the extension. The downside of applying close to the expiration date of the Study Permit, is that you will be on “implied status”, meaning that you will not be able to study or work (if you are allowed to with your permit) after your current Study Permit expires.
You will have to wait until Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has approved your extension request to resume your studies.

During the “implied status” period, you will still be able to leave and re-enter Canada, as long as you have valid appropriate travel authorization (eTA for visa-exempt countries or TRV for visa-required countries). If (i) you visit the U.S. or St. Pierre and Miquelon during the implied status period, by bus, car, train or boat, and (ii) are from a TRV-required country, you will not need a valid TRV to re-enter Canada.
Make sure to travel with copies of your permit extension application documents (proof of payment, confirmation of receipt of your application by IRCC, etc.).

If your Study Permit has expired, you cannot study or work anymore under any circumstances. You will still have 90 days after expiration to apply for a “restoration of status”. It is the same process as for an extension, but there additional fees of $200. This fee is applicable for each member of your family that lost his/her status.

You will need to explain why you had to stay after expiration and why you did not apply before expiration of you current Study Permit. It is of course implied for this restoration of status application that you have been accepted in a Designated Learning Institution. 

If you stay in Canada beyond the 90-day period following the expiration of your Study Permit, you will most probably barred from re-entering Canada for a while. You should therefore return to your home country before the 90-day period ends, and re-apply again if you have an acceptance letter to pursue your studies in Canada.

You have two choices, either applying on paper or online:​
  • If you apply on paper, you need to get the required forms filled and signed, add the necessary supporting documentation and the proof of payment of application fees, and send the package to this mailing address.
  • If you apply online, you need to get the required forms printed, filled, signed and scanned. You then have to upload them on your IRCC account, with all the necessary supporting documentation. You will also need to pay the fees online with a credit card. Find out here if you are eligible and apply online.
We would recommend you to apply online, as processing times are always quicker than when applying on paper.

You cannot apply online for this program, only by mail. After completing and signing the requested forms, assembling the supporting documentation, and paying your fees, you will have to send the application by mail to this address.

When applying for an extension of your Study Permit, you must pay a $150 fee. If you are applying on paper, you can pay your fees online here.

Processing times for a Study Permit extension are approximately 40 days if online, and 80 days if on paper. 

You can check the processing times here. You need to select “Visiting, studying, working temporarily”, then “Study Permit Extension”.