Canadian employers are always looking for candidates who have some kind of Canadian work experience, and there is nothing better than helping others with some volunteer work while building your CV.

Often, volunteer work experience is unpaid and held at non-profit organisations. There are many benefits to choosing this method of Canadian work experience:

  1. Get Canadian work experience: This gives you the opportunity to learn about the Canadian working world while adding this valuable experience to your CV.
  2. Practice your English or French: In this line of work, you will meet people from all over Canada, which is great if you need to brush up on your language skills. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Make new friends and contacts: Creating friendships and meeting new people is easier when you are spending time with them on a daily or weekly basis. Creating a network of friends can help you settle into a new country, and these people could also have valuable contacts to help you find a permanent job.
  4. Get Canadian references: Gaining valuable references as a volunteer can help your CV stand out from the rest of the applicants in your next job interview.
  5. Develop new skills: You may not know your capabilities until you work in this type of environment. You may learn interpersonal skills while helping people in need.
  6. Learn about your community: Getting in touch with the needs of people in your area is made easier when you are part of the volunteering community.

Volunteering can help people in need, while also offering a chance to meet new people and add valuable experience to your CV. To find volunteer organisations in your area, visit this website: Volunteer Canada