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What Is Canadian Employment Insurance?

Canadian Employment Insurance (EI) is a type of insurance run by the government that provides temporary financial assistance to people who have lost their jobs as a result of:

  • Labour shortages;
  • Seasonal work; or
  • lay-off/retrenchments

When Should You Apply For Canadian Employment Insurance?

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As soon as you start work in Canada, you should apply for Canadian Employment Insurance. Even if you do not yet have your Record of Employment (ROI), you may still apply for Employment Insurance.

Note: You can lose your Employment Insurance benefits, if you do not apply for EI for more than 4 weeks of unemployment.

Where To Apply For Canadian Employment Insurance

You can apply for Employment Insurance online or at the closest Service Canada Centre. If you want to find the closest Service Canada Centre near you, you can use this link

What Do You Need To Qualify For Canada’s Employment Insurance?

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To qualify for Canadian Employment Insurance (EI) you must meet the following requirements, you must have:

  • Been employed in a valid Canadian job;
  • Been without employment and pay for 7 days in a row;
  • Worked the correct insurable employment hours in a 52 week period since you handed in your claim application;
  • Prepared to work as soon as you are offered a new job;
  • Lost you job through no fault of your own (being fired from your job does not count); and
  • Looked and continued to look for new employment during the period of your application (this means you must have a record of companies you have applied to, their contact details and when you applied)

When Do You Not Qualify For Canadian Employment Insurance?

You cannot apply for Canadian Employment Insurance if you:

  • Left your job by choice;
  • Were fired or dismissed from your position;
  • Took part in labor disputes (examples of disputes are strikes, lockout etc); or
  • Apply during leave, which was given to you instead of overtime pay by your employer; or
  • Are in jail, penitentiary or other facilities

How Much Can You Receive From the Canadian Employment Insurance?

In general, the Canadian Employment Insurance will pay you out 55% of your weekly earning each week. You can receive a maximum yearly payout of C$51,300, which ends up as C$543 a week.

How Long Can Your Canadian Employment Insurance Last?

You can receive your Canadian Employment Insurance payments from 14 weeks up to 45 weeks. This depends on factors like:

  • The unemployment rates in your area;
  • The amount of time you have worked in the past 52 weeks; and
  • The time since you last claimed from the Canadian Insurance Employment

Do You Have To Pay Tax For Your Canadian Employment Insurance?

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Yes you do need to pay tax for your Canadian Employment Insurance, tax will automatically be removed from your weekly payout.