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Have you ever travelled on holiday only to have the airline lose your baggage? Or worse, gotten ill in a foreign country? These circumstances can’t be predicted. But the unexpected costs can be reduced greatly if you have travel insurance.

What is travel insurance?

If you’re a permanent Canadian resident, most of your medical expenses are covered in Canada, if you travel outside of Canada, to visit your family or to explore another country, you will be limited in your medical claims. That is why you need travel insurance which is designed to pay for any emergency and unexpected costs that may occur while you are travelling. This is also ideal for visitors to Canada with temporary visas.

What does travel insurance in Canada cover?

  • Medical emergencies, like a broken bone or burns can be covered for up to $10,000,000;
  • Trip cancellation and trip interruptions, can be covered for up to $6,000 per insured trip;
  • Baggage loss or damage can be covered for up to $3,000;
  • Baggage delays can be covered for up to $1,500;
  • Flight accidents can be covered for up to $25,000; and
  • Acts of terrorism can be covered for up to $35 million

Who can apply for Canadian travel insurance?

If you migrate to Canada as a permanent resident and are covered under the free government health insurance plan, you are eligible to apply for travel insurance.

Only planning on visiting Canada? Visitors to Canada with travel visas or work and study permits can get convenient, flexible and affordable travel insurance, to cover medical costs while in the country.