Most interviewers tend to ask the same types of questions, so it has become slightly easier to prepare for any job interview. If you are immigrating to Canada, chances are you will be doing your interview over Skype or telephone, which doesn’t mean that you should be wearing your pajama bottoms for the interview. Dress appropriately and more importantly, do all the research that you can on the company before your interview.

The Top 10 questions

Q1: Tell me about yourself?

A1: While it may be easy to start telling the interviewer all about your life, try and stay focused by talking about your skills, goals and how this job fits perfectly into your career path.

Q2: What is your greatest strength?

A2: This answer should align with these particular job specifications. Highlight your skills and show them exactly why they need YOU.

Q3: What is your greatest weakness?

A3: This is a particular favorite among recruiters and sometimes throws applicants off. You should always plan for this question with a weakness that you are working at. An example of this is that you may not be able to stick to deadlines, but through proper planning and focus, you have managed to improve.

Q4: How do you handle stress and pressure?

A4: Everybody cracks under pressure sometimes, but employers want to know that you can handle stress in the right manner. The best answer is to give an example of how you handled pressure in a previous situation. You should focus on how that stressful situation pushed you to step up and helped you grow as a person.

Q5: Why is there a gap in your employment history?

A5: You may have struggled to find work for some time but you can always spin in a positive light by saying that you used the time to continue studying or you took up a new hobby.

Q6: What is the most difficult obstacle that you have had to face?

A6: The purpose of this question is to find out how you face challenges and how logical you are in solving the problem. Choose a situation that somebody else caused and had an impact on your job in some way. Then tell them how you solved the issue and how you learnt from the situation. Always end on a positive note.

Q7: What interests you most about this job?

A7: Talk about the most important aspects of the job description. For example, if the job requires that you work in a team environment, talk about your willingness to join the dynamic team.

Q8: What are your achievements to date?

A8: Choose one work-related achievement that stood out for you and shows off your skills. Give specific details on the situation and make sure that you pick a time where you were able to reduce expenses, raise revenues or solve problems for the company.

Q9: Are you happy with your career to date?

A9: Your answer should always be yes. The interviewer is asking this loaded question to find out about your career aspirations, confidence and self-esteem so you should be honest and always justify your answers.

Q10: Why are you leaving your current job?

A10: Never speak badly about your previous employer or throw your current company under the bus. This always comes across the wrong way and rarely makes you look good. Rather say that you are looking for something a little more challenging and want to expand your skills. Whether you are interviewing over Skype, over the telephone or in person, you will need to brush up on your interview skills. If you are properly prepared, you can impress the interviewer and be successful in your next endeavor.