If you need to complete an internship or co-op work experience during your study program, you will need to apply for the Co-op Student or Intern Work Permit. You are not allowed to take on an internship or co-operative work experience without applying this Work Permit first. Find out in this article if you are eligible and how to apply.

here are strict eligibility criteria that you have to satisfy to in order to apply:

  1. You need a Study Permit which is still valid,
  2. The internship or co-op is essential to validating your diploma, degree, or certificate, and you have a letter confirming this information from your DLI,
  3. The internship or co-op does not exceed 50% of the study program duration ,
  4. You are not studying French or English, and
  5. You are not taking prep classes for a program of study.
You have two options for applying for a Co-op or Intern Work Permit. Either applying (i) at the same time as your initial Study Permit application, or (ii) after the beginning of your studies.

(i) Applying at the same time as your initial Study Permit application 
You only need to apply for a study permit and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will process the work permit as part of your application. You will not have to pay any additional fee for this Permit.

(ii) Applying after the beginning of your studies
You will have to apply either online or on paper. The application package and procedures for this Work Permit are the same for the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). There is no fee to pay for this Permit. 
We would recommend you to apply online, as processing times are always quicker than when applying on paper.
In regards to forms to fill and supporting documents to provide, we invite you to check our dedicated guide on the matter.
You will not have to pay any fee for this Work Permit.

A Co-op or Intern application is processed within approximately 60 days if online, and 100 days if on paper. 

You can check the processing times here. You need to select “Visiting, studying, working temporarily”, then “Work Permit Extension (new employer)”.