Settling into a new country can be difficult, but there are many resources, groups and associations that can help you feel right at home. Canada is a multicultural country, where people from all over the world, boasting different backgrounds, languages and ethnicities have created communities to support newcomers.

How to Find These Associations

No matter where you end up in Canada, there are media outlets and publications that have been created by and for different cultures. You can research these groups online, or by checking your local TV guide. In the past decade, there have been many radio stations and news channels that cater to specific cultures, discussing news, popular topics and events in your area.

Helpful Resources:

Web series: New Canadians 

Newspapers: Newspapers Canada

Community: YMCA across Canada

Creating friendships with your local neighbors can help in finding community activities and events. There are many organisations who dedicate themselves to helping people in different cultures gather together and celebrate their unique religions and beliefs.


Volunteering in Canada is an important part of everyday life. It also provides the perfect opportunity to meet people and add this experience to your CV, which is something that all employers look for in their candidates. Choose to volunteer your time at non-profit organisations where you can brush up on your language skills while learning all about your community and meeting new people who can introduce you to cultural associations.