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About Ontario’s Health Care Plan (OHIP)

If you plan to live in Canada, the province of Ontario has its own unique healthcare plan called the OHIP. This healthcare plan applies to all residents of Ontario, who have an Ontario Health Card. If you have successfully applied for your Ontario Health Card you qualify for the OHIP.

When Do You Use Your Ontario Health Card?

The Ontario Health Card is used each time you visit the doctor or hospital, get a medical test, or go into surgery. You must present it to prove that you are covered by the OHIP.

What Does Your Ontario Health Care Plan Cover?

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Your OHIP covers health services like:

  • Doctor visits;
  • Walk-in visits to clinics for certain healthcare services;
  • Medical tests;
  • COVID-19 treatment;
  • Necessary medical procedures and surgeries (not cosmetic); and
  • Visits to the emergency room

How Can You Qualify For The Ontario Healthcare Insurance Plan (OHIP)?

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Minimum Requirements for the OHIP

To qualify for the OHIP minimum requirements you must:

  • Live in Ontario for 153 days of the year;
  • Live in Ontario for 153 days out of 183 days, after you first move to the province; and
  • Make Ontario your primary home (not secondary, holiday home or other)

If you meet all of the basic requirements above, you need to meet at least 1 of the requirements listed below to qualify for the OHIP. You must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, indigenous person or permanent resident of Canada
  • Have applied for permanent residence to the IRCC to:
    • Prove you can apply for the OHIP
    • Prove that your request for permanent residence in Canada has not been denied
  • Have:
    • a valid Ontario work permit that has let you work full time for at least 6 months;
    • a valid Ontario work permit that is under the federal Live-in Caregiver Program (now closed)
  • Be a protected person or convention refugee, as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Canada
  • Have a Temporary Resident Permit (this applies for case types 86-95 only)
  • Belong to a legal religious organization (minister, priest, etc) who will minister for at least 6 months full time

How Can You Apply For The OHIP

  • You must first book an appointment with the Service Ontario Centre
  • For your appointment you must bring the following:
    • A completed Ontario Health Coverage Form
    • 3 original documents that prove you:
      1. You are a citizen of Ontario (Permanent Resident Card or Canadian Birth Certificate);
      2. You live in Ontario (Ontario Tax Assessment or Ontario Driver’s Licence);
      3. You are not using another person’s identity (provide your credit card or passport)

If you want to apply for the OHIP with children under 16 years of age:

You do not need a photo or signature on their health card, this must be signed by the parent or guardian responsible for the child.

If you want to apply for the OHIP with children who are over 16 years of age

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They do need to provide a photo and signature on their health card, so they can apply in person at the Service Ontario Centre.

When Are You Covered By Your OHIP After You Successfully Apply?

If your OHIP application was approved, you can expect immediate coverage. Ontario waived the previous 3-month waiting period due to COVID-19. 

If you intend to live in Ontario, you can check out more details about the process, application and other details about the OHIP at the Ministry of Ontario Health