The AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) is the program used by the province of Alberta to choose its future permanent residents, who satisfy to Alberta’s target criteria and who wish to settle in and work in the province.

The AINP is one of Canada’s PNPs, which includes 2 categories for skilled workers: Alberta Express Entry and Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS), and an additional one for Self-Employed Farmers.

Choosing Alberta Immigration

Alberta, a western province of Canada, is home to two of the largest cities in Canada, Calgary and Edmonton. Being the fourth most populated province, after Ontario, Québec, and British Columbia, Alberta is the largest producer of oil and gas in Canada, and attracts many immigrants working in those industries.

Apart from some federal programs, the immigration authorities of Alberta also propose some immigration streams. Only one of these streams is aligned with Express Entry. The only problem with this stream is that there is no information on eligibility, being one of the most opaque PNP stream in Canada.

If the application is successful, then a provincial nomination is issued leading the applicant to receiving 600 extra CRS points. This leads the applicant to obtain an ITA in the following Express Entry draw. 

Concerning other non-aligned Express Entry streams, there is no need to be in the pool. There are only two other streams, one for people already in Alberta with a Work Permit, and one for farmers wishing to invest in Alberta.


Overview of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) Streams