The OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) is the program used by the province of Ontario to offer permanent residence to targeted immigration candidates so they can contribute to the economy of the province and fill in the gaps in the employment market.

​The OINP, with its 9 streams, is considered one of the most diversified Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in Canada, with 5 streams for skilled workers and post-graduates (without job offer), 1 stream for entrepreneurs, and 3 other streams for job offer holders.

Choosing Ontario Immigration

The Ontario province, located at the west of Québec, is the most populated province in Canada, with more than 38% of the Canadian population. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, and Ottawa, Canada’s capital, are both located in the province. Welcoming immigration has been, for decades, a tradition of this massive province. 

Apart from some federal programs, the immigration authorities of Ontario also propose some very specific pathways to the Canadian province. These can be split between Express Entry-aligned streams, and the rest.

The OINP does include 3 streams that are aligned with Express Entry. In case of a successful application, a provincial nomination is issued, leading the applicant to receive 600 extra CRS points. The applicant receiving these points will automatically receive an ITA in the following Express Entry draw.

Concerning the other non-aligned Express Entry streams, there is no need to be eligible for Express Entry and being in the pool. There are streams targeted at international graduates from a university in Ontario, at the Masters or PhD level. Another stream is open for business people wishing to invest their money in the province to receive their nomination. There are also 2 streams that specifically target individuals with experience and a job offer from a company in Ontario.

Overview of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Streams

The table below presents the 3 different categories and 9 various streams that the province of Ontario operates:
GTA: Greater Toronto Area
If you are interested in in-demand occupations lists for Ontario and the other provinces,