Multicultural Canada is focused on ensuring that all religions and beliefs are celebrated and represented in their communities. There many associations, Mosques, Sikhs, churches, and chapels across Canada, with most of them encouraging community outreach and hosting social events.

How to Find Your Place of Worship

There are many ways of finding a place to worship in your area. Many television programs and radio stations are dedicated to different religions and provide up-to-date information on upcoming cultural events. You can find this information on your local television listings.

There are many publications that celebrate your unique culture and beliefs, so have a look at your local listings and you may find that there is information about finding a place of worship.

Meeting new people in your neighborhood can help you in deciding where you want to worship.

Helpful Resources:



Mosques and Islamic Centres
Islamic Supreme Council
London Muslim Mosque
Muslim Association of Canada

African Muslim Man Praying

Hindu Temples
Canadian Hindu Association
The Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
Hindu Mandir


Christian Churches
Congregational Christian Churches
Hillsong Canada
Grace Fellowship Church

Roof of the Basilica in Montreal, Canada

Catholic Churches
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral